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Case Management Software: The Heart
Of Your Law Office

Read Dan Siegel's feature article -- Take a (case) load off with the right software -- from the May 2006 issue of TRIAL, the monthly magazine of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Calendars. Clients. Email. Phone numbers. Addresses. Trial deadlines. Discovery deadlines. Time billing. Documents. Statutes of limitation. Accounting. Correspondence. Conflicts of interest. You name the information, lawyers need to keep track of it, and to do so efficiently. Not that many years ago, lawyers maintained their records using index cards, Rolodexes, notebooks, and rudimentary computer programs. Nowadays, it seems that virtually every company has the “solution” to all of these needs and more - Case Management Software.

Designed to permit convenient storage and retrieval of client and case information, CMS has become a necessity for almost every law firm. Implementing a case management system is one of the most important and often one of the more expensive long-term decisions your firm can make. But like clothing, one size does not fit all, and CMS that works wonderfully for one firm may be a disaster for another. That is why Integrated Technology Services offers clients many options, including certified training and support for LegalFiles and Time Matters.

And unlike virtually any other company, if one of those products is not right for your office, ITS will tell you, and help you find the right product, even if it is not a product ITS works with. That way you can avoid the biggest mistakes law firms make - either buying a product because a friend uses it, or buying a product because your IT person has heard of it - even if your IT person has no expertise in law office technology/software. (Remember, at ITS, we assist you with law office technology, and let your IT experts maintain your hardware and networks, that's the ITS difference.)

As a result, clients trust ITS to provide objective recommendations. After all, buying case management software is one of the biggest investments your office will make. Don't make the mistake of buying from a company that only works with one company, buy from ITS, a business created by an attorney who understands the needs and concerns of lawyers.

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