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CaseMap - Case Analysis Software

Integrated Technology Services is proud to announce that we are now the only LexisNexis-Preferred CaseMap Consulting Partner in the country, providing consulting, training and implementation services for CaseMap, TextMap, NoteMap and TimeMap. Contact us for all of your CaseMap needs.

As the author of The Lawyer's Guide to LexisNexis CaseMap, Dan Siegel is the expert on using CaseMap, as well as NoteMap, TextMap and TimeMap, the other products in the CaseMap Suite. Dan's experience is enormous - he has used the CaseMap suite of products for more than a decade, and done so on virtually every type of case imaginable, from smaller personal injury matters to commercial litigation to class actions and mass torts such as Vioxx, Baycol and Propulsid.

Of course, ITS sells, trains and supports CaseMap, and the other CaseMap products.

CaseMapCaseMap makes it easy to organize, evaluate, and explore the facts, the cast of characters, and the issues in a case. CaseMap is designed for use on all types of cases and by all types of litigators and investigators.

Lawyers want easy-to-use full-featured software that allows them to put together the who, what, when, where and why of a case. That is why Dan Siegel is certified to support and train you and your firm to work with CaseMap, TimeMap, and NoteMap. And Dan Siegel has used these products for years, working with everything from small cases (like auto accidents, commercial litigation, etc.) to mass torts and class actions (involving drugs such as Vioxx, Baycol and Propulsid). No other CaseMap Support, Training & Implementation professional or trainer has that experience. That's why, when you want to buy CaseMap, or need training, you should call ITS.

From your first meeting regarding a new case, CaseMap helps you capture your thinking and communicate it to everyone you will work with on the case. CaseMap is easy to learn and use. It features a consistent design, ease-of-use features such as live spell checking, and a pre-built example case that make mastering CaseMap a snap.

CaseMap links with TimeMap, the timeline-graphing tool. And you can send key facts from your transcripts to CaseMap using TextMap the superb transcript management utility. CaseMap also integrates with over a dozen other litigation support and electronic discovery tools including Acrobat, Binder, Concordance, iCONECT, IPRO, JFS Litigator's Notebook, KPMG's DiscoveryRadar, LiveNote,and Sanction.

To view Dan Siegel's CaseMap Webinar on "Document Naming," just click here.

Whatever your need, ITS is your headquarters for the purchase, support and training necessary to make CaseMap an invaluable asset in your firm. For more information, call (610) 446-3467 or click here to send an email.



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