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Attorney Dan Siegel has used Concordance for a decade, and is a Certified Concordance Software Trainer. Thus, he not only understands how the software works, he understands how you use it, and how to get the most out of the product. In addition, More than 65,000 litigation professionals choose Concordance® for electronic discovery and litigation document management. Concordance makes it easy to identify, organize and analyze case-critical information so that you can collaborate and share—across your firm or around the world.


Concordance makes it easy to identify, organize and analyze case-critical information, providing the convenience of complete accessibility, anytime and anywhere. Regardless of time zone or location, your teams can easily search, review, produce and share documents across your firm or around the world.

Fast document searching

Pinpoints key documents and hard-to-find evidence, including words, phrases, dates and e-mail addresses, while jumbled, misspelled OCR and coded text is transformed into searchable data.

Large capacity imports and manages volumes 12 megabytes of data per field, over 33M records per database and 4B records searched simultaneously.

Collaborative case analysis and organization

Concordance provides concurrent functionality (single search, review, annotation and organization), highly manageable preview process (indicated changes to document tags and by whom) and straightforward categorization (tags organized in hierarchical groups).

Streamlined E-Discovery production

Directly sends scanned paper documents and electronically processed files from LAW PreDiscovery™ to Concordance, imports e-documents and retains original source (formatting, metadata, hyperlinks to native documents, relationships between e-mail and attachments.

Customized, formatted reporting

Privilege logs, Q&A sets, annotations, production history reports and more—easily produced for fact review and trial preparation.

At ITS, we sell, implement, train and support Concordance users. For more information, call (610) 446-3467 or click here to send an email.



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