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TextMap – The Best Transcript & Deposition Summary & Analysis Software

As the author of The Ultimate Guide to LexisNexis CaseMap, Dan Siegel is an expert on using not only CaseMap, but also TextMap and TimeMap, the other products in the CaseMap Suite. Of course, ITS consults about, trains and supports TextMap, and the other CaseMap products.

TextMap is the best transcript summary tool on the market. It seamlessly integrates with CaseMap, but ITS believes it is the best transcript tools on the market–even if you don’t use CaseMap! In fact, it is policy in Dan Siegel’s law office – the Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel, LLC – that no one is allowed to read a paper transcript; every transcript must be read and analyzed in TextMap.

You use TextMap to create a database of electronic transcript files from depositions, examinations, and other proceedings. As transcripts are imported into TextMap, they are indexed and the location of each word in each transcript is stored. You can later search the index to instantly find all locations where a word or phrase appears.

When transcript passages of interest are found using TextMap’s searching features or by reading a transcript in its entirety, they can easily be sent to a CaseMap or annotations can be stored in TextMap. For each transcript passage sent to CaseMap, TextMap automatically creates a source that references the transcript and the page and line numbers of the selection. As you work in CaseMap’s fact spreadsheet, clicking the paperclip icon to the left of any fact sent from TextMap opens the associated transcript in TextMap to the original sending passage.

TextMap offers many important reporting options. Reports can be printed or PDFed using TextMap’s built-in PDF capability that doesn’t require a full Acrobat license. Transcripts can be output from TextMap as either full-sized or as condensed, where four transcript pages appear on a single output page. You can print or PDF Search Reports that list all instances of a word or phrase in context. You can also print or PDF Highlight Reports that lists the highlighted portions of a transcript along with the associated fact information from CaseMap. In fact, there are too many reports to mention here.

To read the White Paper that explains how Dan Siegel uses the CaseMap Suite in his law office, just click here.

When it comes to the LexisNexis CaseMap suite, ITS is your headquarters for the consulting, support and training necessary to make TextMap an invaluable asset in your firm. To learn more about LexisNexis TextMap, to arrange consulting or training, contact ITS at (610) 446-3467 or click here to contact us.

Dan was terrific and the program was very informative.

Thank you for all you have done with getting my office started with Time Matters.  We sincerely appreciate your efficient and gracious customer service.  You were able to turn a stressful situation into a smooth transition for my law firm.

Dan and Pam are a pleasure to work with. They understand how our firm works because they are practicing attorneys and paralegals. That makes an enormous difference.

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